All-in-one Email Marketing Platform

Create, send, and track emails  that look great on every device.
For that we have the Best-in-class email marketing services for modern email marketers.


This is the difficult part but the most important one so we work with the best industry partners to ensure that your message is delivered to the inbox at the right time.


You have great design and we make sure that our tool enable you to maximise it and use it for your campaigns.


We provide you with a complete analysis of what worked and what didn't so you can optimise your campaign towards a better ROI.


Like a prepaid phone, you just need to buy credit when you need it. No recurring fees, no commitment and no engagement. You can stop whenever you want.

Key Features

  • All in one Solution
  • Campaign Creation
  • Contact Management
  • Optimised Delivery
  • Trigger marketing
  • Tracking
  • Advanced Analytics

Send Personalized and Targeted SMS at Scale

Our platform is a powerful messaging platform that allows clients to easily launch multi-country mobile messaging campaigns, such as two-way interactive SMS marketing campaigns, MMS campaigns.
Our solution makes it easy to send Upcoming Sales, Outlet Launching, Announcement, Alert & Notification, Reminder for appointment and many more. It's simple way to effectively communicate with your client.

Engage Customers

More than 95% of text messages are opened and read within minutes of receipt. With this many eyeballs on your message, driving business has never been easier.

Utilize Keywords

When customers text your short Code number, we will add them to the marketing list and send automatically a customised response.

Integrate Networks

Integrate your text messages with your Facebook page, Twitter feed, and website. Automatically tweet your text messages and keywords to followers.

Decrease Costs

At only pennies per text, SMS marketing is not only the most efective form of communication, it’s also the most affordable.

Publisher Monetization

Start to monetize your audience (Mobile, Web and/or database) by selling advertising or affiliate products. Our platform enable you to easily gain access to advertisers. Monetizing your website or digital properties can help you generate passive income and support your business operations and our platform is designed to help you achieving this goal.

Real-Time Reporting

Real time access to your data to optimise campaign on the fly.

Accurate Tracking

Ensure that everything is tracked with our latest tracking technology to ensure that no conversions are misattributed.

Automated Payments

Get paid on a monthly basis for all approved transactions. No more waiting.

Full Transparency

Know where you are generating sales from your channels and optimise them accordingly in order to have the best ROI.

Advertiser Monetization

Start to expand your sales with our customised and personalised solution. 
We provide you a easy solution to expend your sales with affiliates willing to promote your products / services. It is a safe solution as you pay affiliates based on the business results that they will generate for you. 

Now you have the control and you decide what is the fair remuneration that you are willing to pay for each sales generated via our affiliate network. You can control the type of channels, format and even message that you are allowing affiliates to use to promote your products. But the most important is No more campaign where you pay the publisher but you are not sure of the results that they will generate !

Full Transparency

You can approved the sales from affiliates in real time to avoid misattribution.


Decide what are the channels that will authorise the affiliates to use. No more competition with your own marketing campaign.

Flexible Affiliate Remuneration

Decide what will be the remuneration model that will be profitable for you and your affiliates.

Real time Results

Track in real time the results of your affiliates campaign and even push specific incentive to your more profitable affiliates.